Art at Blussuvoll School

Artists: Leiken Vik: ‘Renning’, Samir M’kadmi: ‘Sonic Onyx’, Vegar Moen: ‘Det blir varmere og grønnere’, Johan Urban Bergqvist: ‘Både òg’ 2007. Art consultants: Beret Aksnes & Anne Helga Henning.

The round red installation, created by Samir M’kadmi, is a striking sight in the outdoor premises of Blussuvoll secondary school. The installation is an interactive light and sound construction, with archways that provide a feeling of space. When Bluetooth messages are sent from mobile phones, the messages transform into sound compositions produced by loudspeakers that are attached to the sculpture (for more information, see In the spacious foyer, Leiken Vik has painted a dense pattern consisting of vertical lines from ceiling to floor, in which the paint – in harmonised colours – has been allowed to run down the wall in a controlled process. For other walls, Vegar Moen has provided large and rich colour photos. On a large stairway, Johan Urban Bergqvist has produced a spectacular theatrical solution that fits in with the school’s long tradition of education in the dramatic arts and drama productions. With a dash of self-irony, a teacher might easily be amused by the sight of a skeleton falling from the staff room balcony in a frantic leap to the crystal chandelier that has been suspended from the ceiling above the staircase. A stuffed owl has been placed on the balcony as a marker of the wisdom to be found behind the staff room door. Bergqvist’s works of art also include a chess pattern on the staircase leading up to the second floor. The title of the work has been written in capital letters on the steps: ‘Både og’ (‘Mixed blessing’, more literally translated as ‘Both and’). On the steps one can also read the message ‘Se opp!’ (‘Watch out!’ or ‘Look up!’).


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Text descriptions of art made before the year 2000 are taken from the book 'Skulpturguiden for Trondheim' by Anne Grønli and Grethe Britt Fredriksen. Text descriptions of art made after the year 2000 are written by Per Christiansen.